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The following brochures were developed by the Samoa Meteorology Division in collaboration with its partners. 


Current and Future Climate of Samoa

 The content of this brochure is the result of a collaborative effort      between the Samoa Meteorology Division and the Pacific Climate      Change Science Program - a component of the Australia        Government's International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative.

 This information and research conducted by the Pacific Climate        Change Science Program builds on the climate of Samoa and the  Pacific. 

 The brochure summaries the current status of Samoa's climate, and looks into rainfall, temperature, sea level, ocean acidification, tropical cyclones. It also covers future projections of Samoa's climate in years 2030, 2050 and 2090.

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Uiga ole Tau i le Taimi nei ma le lumana'i i Samoa. 



 This is the Samoan version of the above brochure translated to  ensure access by local communities and students.

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