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Meteorological Observational Data

The Samoa Meteorology Division collects meteorological surface observational data and sea level that can be obtained upon request.

i. Request Form for Observational data [download form]

Surface climate elements that are measured include precipitation/rainfall, air temperature, maximum and minimum temperatures, wind direction & speeds, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, evaporation, solar radiation, leaf wetness, soil moisture, soil temperature,  grass minimum.

Other observational data that can be requested includes tide charts (Apia), sea level data (Apia), water temperature (Apia).

Completed request forms must be delivered to us at our Head Office, at Mulinu'u. Email or fax is also available please see Contact Us

Ozone Depleting Substances Licensing System

Application Forms

i. License to Import Ozone Depleting Substances [download form]

ii. License to Handle Ozone Depleting Substances [download form]

iii. License to Sell Ozone Depleting Substances [download form]

Completed application form must be addressed to the National Ozone Unit, Mulinu'u, Samoa