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Our Vision

An improved quality of life for all Samoans that is premised on sustainable development and management of the country's Natural Resources and Environment.

Our Mission

To implement and utilize the principles of best practice in mainstreaming climate change adaptation and mitigation in the sustainable management of the country's natural resources and environment through partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.


The Meteorology Division aims to provide quality services embraced within the key principles of good governance, accountability, transparency and the following values, in a healthy and secure environment.

i. Va tapuia - Respected relations between people and the values of our environment. The respect for this relationshipis considered as a common courtesy so as to maintain the balance of nature,developments and people.

ii. Effectiveness and efficiency: Achieving good results for Samoa in an economically sound way.

iii. Integrity:  Take pride in our work, humility in services and fa’aaloalo in the work place. Maintain professional relationship with staff and clients with respect and dignity.

iv. Team work: Promote collective and coordinated efforts, participatory and friendly approaches, open and frank communication, and genuine information sharing;

v. Equity & Fairness: Promote equal opportunities; maintain objectivity and fairness, gender balance and moral integrity for all;

vi. Innovative: Utilisation and encouragement of staff initiative and creativity to achieve the best from available resources.


Organisation Structure

Ministry Level