Time : 01:02 (pm)

Sunday 28thMay 2017 AM.


Surface streamline analysis placed a high pressure system  building from the Southwest maintaining the East to Southeast wind flow over the group with stable low-mid level clouds streaming westward that are visible on satellite loops of this morning. ASCAT swaths indicated fresh Easterly winds with 25knots winds over Northern open waters. Cimms analysis reveals an upper-level convergence which can reduce any cloud developments for today. Sounding profile depicted a dry and stable atmosphere with moisture available near the surface with strong winds at 950hPa and an inversion which can reduce any local thunderstorms. Global models predicted fresh Easterly winds to persist as the high pressure system 1034hPa to the Southwest drifts Eastward and thus generates a tight pressure gradient with a few showery activities for today. Therefore, expect fine weather with some afternoon showers mainly Eastern side and over highlands for Northern district while tradewind showers  impacts Southern side. Expect fresh Easterly winds. Due to 25knots winds on 950hPa warrants the issuing of a Wind Advisory for Highlands. 

Tuesday - Friday:
 The high pressure system
1034hPa centred South-westward will maintain breezy Southeast to East winds in the early part of the outlook period with some showers. A convergence zone to the North will slowly drift West Southwest within our forecast zone and may provide some instability for Wednesday. Another high pressure system 1025 drifting from the East will maintain brisk trades in the latter part of the outlook period. Therefore expect tradewind weather with windy conditions to persist throughout this outlook period with showery activities predicted to the minimum.

Observations from Aunuú wave bouy
this morning shows 8 feet tradewind swells building above the advisory threshold and will peak to near 10 feet by tomorrow morning. These swells combine with fresh trades will elevate seas to near  11 feet, and it is mandatory to maintain the small craft advisory.

small craft advisory remains FOR THE ALL COASTAL WATERS.