Time : 11:32 (am)

Tuesday 26th  SEPTEMBER 2017 AM.



Batches of low level clouds riding along the easterly wind flow over the Samoan islands as shows by the latest satellite image of this morning, surface streamline analysis placed a trough to the west of the islands with a high pressure system 1024hpa to the far south of the forecast zone. Observations from the ASCAT and Radar wind-profiler observed moderate East to northeast for the Northern parts of the islands and Fresh Southeast winds affecting the Southern side. Sounding profile reveals a moist and unstable atmosphere. An upper level divergence over convection areas will continue to enhance showery activities by supporting the upward motion. Therefore expect partly cloudy with some afternoon showers for the northern district and brief showers with fresh southeast winds for the southern side of the islands. 



Global model predicted the above mention trough to be located near Samoa by tomorrow afternoon as the high-pressure system 1024 far South migrates further Eastward. A trough ahead of another high pressure system over Tasman seas will make its way Eastward and expected to become a Low pressure system forming over Tonga Island with its trough over Samoa by Wednesday. This scenario will maintain wet and unstable condition throughout the long-term forecast.



Aunuu wave buoy observations shows swell heights of 5-7feet. Wave-watch model predicted Easterly swells to peak by Thursday. Will monitor this situation and issue an advisory.